Shootaz Shots.!

How many of you are missing going out to your local bar for a drink, and then another, before getting into the swing of things and downing a few shots at last orders and then moving on to a club, or two, for a few more! We all love catching up with friends, or even making new ones, and more than anything, switching off from the daily grind?! Are you wanting to drink some Shootaz Shots??

You are NOT alone! And WHY NOT!!!!

We are ALL in the same boat. We are all going a little stir crazy doing the same thing night after night.

Now that lock down has eased a little, at least you can visit another persons house and begin to socialize a little with family.

We have been enjoying Shootaz Shots at home!!! Be your own shot girl!!! Or guy!

I never thought I would hear myself say it, but it is FAB and so much fun!!

WHY NOT TRY IT? It´s great fun, especially while playing a game! The amount of drinking games that go perfectly with a few (or alot of) shots are endless, and can be hilarious.

You CAN still have a laugh and get to down a few shots as well, all in the comfort of your own place.

Check out all of our tasty flavours on our webpage or even on facebook @testtubeshots.

We have some amazing new flavours like Kola cube and Chilli chocolate too to try.

Any questions, then give us a shout. We are more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

We deliver to your door so you can make an order and then sit back and relax. Summer is coming, and everyone loves a party when the sun is shining!! So give it a go!

Check out the best drinking games on the following link!!!